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Shipping PropTypes from Flow definitions in NPM Packages

I have been using flow to add type safety to my JavaScript for a few months now. I have been using it mainly with my React projects. Flow is a static typechecker for JavaScript written by facebook. It follows the Unix philosophy of do one thing…

Dec 15, 2016

Global npm packages are (generally) bad practice

What are npm packages If you aren’t sure what npm packages are it’s probably worth reading up on them before continuing with this post, https://docs.npmjs.com . There are two different ways to install them, locally and globally . Local packages…

Oct 27, 2016

David - Node.js Dependency Manager

I recently started writing a (very) long post about my current development stack and I thought that I would write a few more in depth posts about some of the things that I mentioned. David is the first one choose to write about. So what is David…

Apr 24, 2016